Bully For Snow, Bonfires, Etc. – Thursday’s Roundup

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Good morning Route 40’ers! There was a glorious sunrise over Atlantic City this a.m., which I failed to capture through technical incompetence.

Shout-out to the lunatic jogging on the Boardwalk with no shirt.

In realer news…

We take a look at the costs of the aviation park, which is a double bet that the county can draw new businesses to invest locally and add high-salaried workers to the tax rolls. At stake is a still tourism-focused economy and a large bill for existing taxpayers.

The State AG announced an overhaul of the system for collecting use-of-force information across New Jersey’s police departments, of which there are, what, 550?

This came in response to the big database and accompanying reporting put out by NJ.com last week, which was based on a few hundred Open Public Records Act requests and 72,000+ use-of-force reports. The pledge to build a new system was signed by the AG, the president of the County Prosecutors Association and the heads of a few different PBA-type things (how many PBAs are there?) so we’ll see what happens.

Shout out to Buena!
Keep on saying Buena. Who cares how the rest of the world pronounces that word?

Bully for Bonfires!
There’s going to be a bonfire for Atlantic City’s Polar Bear Plunge, set for noon New Year’s Day, in front of Resorts. Shout out to Councilman Jesse Kurtz, who ranks #1 on Route 40’s index of pro-bonfire lawmakers. I don’t know if he’s behind this Polar-Bear thing or not. But I may have to go down there on New Year’s Day and warm my gams.

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