Business Bootcamp Episode 1: Allie Nunzi, Grace & Glory Yoga

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Route 40’s Business Bootcamps give you the chance to hear first hand from local entrepreneurs about their experience starting businesses in South Jersey. These are live, ticketed events that are free to Route 40 Members. After Route 40’s reporters interview the guest business owner, attendees get a chance to join in the conversation over drinks and food. The events are made possible by Jake Perskie of Fox Rothschild.

We are now launching a recording of the first episode as a podcast, available to the public here and across podcast platforms. The first episode, recorded on Sept. 12, featured an interview with Allie Nunzi, owner of Grace & Glory Yoga and co-founder of The Leadership Studio in Atlantic City. The podcast also includes an introduction by Route 40’s Bill Sprouse (ending at 5:55) and by Jake Perskie of Fox Rothschild (ending at 10.56, at which point the interview with Nunzi begins.)

We held the second episode, featuring Little Water Distillery’s Mark Ganter, on Tuesday Oct. 24, and we will shortly be releasing a podcast of that interview. The next episode will be in December with a soon-to-be confirmed guest speaker.

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