March 7, 2019

Buy this Masonic Temple

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Masonic Temple, Atlantic City

UPDATE: John Peruto said the asking price for the property is $5 million and it lent itself, most likely, to a “residential redevelopment related to that side of the city.”

He said the building’s been on the market for three or four weeks.

The old Masonic Temple on Hartford Avenue in Chelsea is for sale, and has been for a while, per the big sign on the side of it.

In the 90s, the building was used as headquarters for the Atlantic City Police Department, when it was known as the “Temple of Doom.”

PSDC, the Philadelphia Suburban Development Corporation, was the owner of record in fall 2011 when notice was served by city licensing and inspections that the building was unfit for human habitation and posed a danger to public health.

In December 2016, Martin DeAngelis at the Press reported work was being done inside the building, but John Peruto, at PSDC, said any renovations were, “just to make it more clean and safe.”

According to the sales material, the old temple building is 40,000 square feet.

According to their website, PSDC also has buildings for sale on New York Avenue and Texas Avenue.

A call to PSDC was not immediately returned.

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