Carl, CRDA – Wednesday’s Roundup!

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Carl Icahn disclosed in an SEC filing he holds a 9.8% stake in Caesars Entertainment and the company should think about selling, which could be good for Atlantic City casino workers but honestly who knows with these people. Icahn’s track record in AC is pretty bleak.

Caesars owns Ballys, Harrahs, Caesars and the Country Club maybe.

Michelle Brunetti Post at the Press has a great rundown of yesterday’s CRDA meeting. The story covers a number of themes, but my favorite was when Nick Talvacchia, who’s representing Pat Fasano (who’s building the shipping-container hotel) got to talk about the “Uber effect” to argue his client doesn’t need all of the 120 parking spaces required by zoning ordinances, which were written back when people smoked cigarettes to promote the health of their “T zone.”

Long story short, CRDA cut the parking requirement in this case but said not to get used to it. “We can do this once,” board member Edward Gant was quoted saying. “It’s a concern for me.”

Meanwhile in Scottsdale, they’re trying to decide whether they should leave free scooters laying around for members of the public to use, or if it should be free bicycles instead. But CRDA has this parking thing.

Mr. Gant was an excellent Little League baseball coach (mine, specifically) but I wonder sometimes whether these guys understand millennials at all.

You’re a sucker if you’re paying more than $1 for year-round AC parking

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