October 28, 2016

Casinos: Our Crisis And Salvation and Our (Small) Nation’s Long-Running Meat Product Debate – Friday’s Roundup

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Perpetual Crisis for Perpetual Salvation
The Associated Press says the likely failure of the vote to expand legal gambling to the Meadowlands might, just might, be a “boon” for Atlantic City, whose casinos have failed to save it for forty years. There was a rally yesterday. We attended it. It was a little depressing.

I Never Liked this ‘Debate’
The Sporkful podcast this week addresses the long debate over the proper name for pan-fried processed ham slices: Is it porkroll or Taylor Ham? I don’t care what you call it, but it was definitely “pork roll” at the Our Lady Star of the Sea cafeteria on California Avenue in Atlantic City, not that I ever had the money to buy one. Likewise here of course.

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