Census, Nuclear, and the Around the Island Swim – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Sam Chabotar is doing an around the island swim this summer to promote/help reinstate the Around the Island Swim as a “premier international event” in 2020. That thing was great.

Former swimming standout hopes to revive Around the Island Swim

Nuclear Waste
The Oyster Creek nuclear plant shut down in September. What happens to 50-years-worth of nuclear waste?

After the Shutdown: Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

The Census
The mayor of Bridgeton, Al Kelly, says the citizenship question could “cause a huge number of people to avoid census workers or fail to submit completed census forms” resulting in an inaccurate count, which a cynical person might say was the point of adding the citizenship question to the census in the first place.

Of course a lot of people think non-citizens are criminal “illegals” or whatever they’re calling them these days so it’s better not to consider them.

Hey, remember that time Wilbur Ross lied to a Congressional committee about how the citizenship question ended up on the census? Or the time Ross said he’d divested his stake in a shipping company owned by Vladimir Putin’s son-in-law then shorted the stock after the New York Times called him for comment on why he hadn’t divested?

Those are crimes but they don’t bother me because Wilbur Ross wears a  square.

In unrelated news, Raspberries to you, Ms. Channing. R.I.P.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5byy_7uBvLQ

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