Charter Schools, School Funding & That Wheel, Though – Friday’s Roundup

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Charter Schools
If you’ve been reading our pieces about New Jersey’s segregated schools, or shrinking South Jersey enrollment, you might not be surprised to learn that there are people who have Serious Questions about Camden’s enrollment system that lets parents “choose” their kid’s school. You should read this Maddie Hanna piece for the Inquirer.

School Funding
We are rolling toward the state budget deadline (marking the first birthday of the Christie beachgate meme) and don’t worry, guys, it’s going to be so different this year. Senate President Steve Sweeney has a plan for school funding that he totally will not use just as some political bargaining chip. At this point, even the experts and NJ Spotlight haven’t fully digested the details of the plan (it was introduced yesterday), but the general sense seems to be that it might give more money to South Jersey’s larger schools and would probably not be great for the shrinking ones. Or maybe that was a previous version. Read Sweeney’s bill for yourself if you’re having a slow day (and then get back to us on the details).

That Wheel, Though
The Washington Post has a loooooong feature on the fate of Atlantic City. I haven’t actually read it but Bill has, and he said it’s exactly the same as every other story you’ve read about Atlantic City, right down to the obligatory Boardwalk Empire references and this cheesy second ‘graph: “Hope springs eternal in a place that runs on luck…” Anyhow. The one thing that struck me is that the photo that illustrates the header of the piece is not a casino but the Steel Pier wheel. Has anything become so iconic so quickly? Fingers crossed it doesn’t get taken out this hurricane season.

In the rest of the day’s news… A South Jersey realtor’s sign lost during Sandy has washed up on a French shore, New Jersey is expected to see above-average hurricane activity this year (even though hurricane activity in general will be down from last year) and the Inquirer wonders whether the term “freeholder” is offensive. All that and more below:

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