Child Predators, Sports Betting and More in Monday’s Roundup

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Child Predators
Seventy-nine people (a loose designation) were arrested on charges ranging from “child trafficking to sexual assault, and manufacturing child pornography to possession of child pornography,” Matt Arco reports. Arrests include a Trenton police officer and an Air Force Captain. AG Chris Porrino said child sexual abuse was a “horrific problem” that doesn’t “appear to be subsiding.”

Sports Betting
The Supreme Court (the one in Washington) is hearing arguments over the federal ban on sports betting, which could be very important for New Jersey. Christian “We Still Miss You” Hetrick reports.

Elsewhere in the Sporting Life, the Eagles lost, St. Joe’s won, Penn State got stuck playing Washington in the Fiesta Bowl and the Giant’s coach could get canned at any moment.

Riggin for Prez
A Pleasantville police officer was charged with insurance fraud and theft, Lynda Cohen reports. In the most measured and conscientious statement from a public official all weekend, P’ville Police Chief Sean Riggin said he was announcing the charges “with deep regret” because “it is just as important to share our failures as it is our successes.”

El Chapo at the Mall
In a weirdly anachronistic story, the Asbury Park Press reports that members of the Sinaloa Cartel “now live among us” after a Mexican with 5kg of fentanyl (enough “to kill everyone in South Jersey”) was arrested in Willingboro, which is nice and all but guess who else resides “next to people who cut their lawns, walk their kids to school and lounge in their backyards?”

The people buying and shooting and OD’ing on the heroin, of course.

To be fair, the APP eventually gets to that part too, but it takes a while.

Now do one on the Sackler family. I hear they have people down here too.

Elsewhere in the news, a 92-year old fisherman was rescued by the Coast Guard, this is the kind of thing “political operatives” do and more in the Route 40 Roundup.

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