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The Columbine massacre was 19 years ago this April. I remember thinking how surreal and horrible that felt–fifteen school kids murdered (two the murderers themselves). Yesterday it was 17 and our failure to do anything meaningful to halt this epidemic is an index of how broken our civic and political culture is. I think so anyway. Our grandkids will measure us by it, if we’re lucky enough to have them.

As it happens, Phil Murphy was in Cherry Hill yesterday to talk about guns, and the Observer reported on it. “The parents contended the slaughter of 20 children and six adults might have been reduced if the gunman had been required to stop to reload his assault rifle,” is an actual sentence you get to read in 2018.

Elsewhere in national news, local boy made good Don McGahn was still working in the White House on an interim security clearance as of November 2017, NBC News reports, citing internal White House documents. Fortunately 130+ other White House staffers were too, which I gather is a little weird at this stage of a presidency but what do I know.

McGahn went to Holy Spirit and played football, reportedly. I wonder what years. I started on the sidelines as a waterboy in ’86 when the Spartans were 6-3 and beat Atlantic High 9-6 on Thanksgiving Day, so who knows, maybe I threw some Gatorade bottles at him. If I knew he’d go on to be chief White House Counsel I’d have done some networking. Hydration is important, people!

Hipsters Love Beer Gardens
In local news, the Boardwalk Biergarten is set to open “soon” between the Ritz and the Bungalow, Mel Taylor at AC Primetime reports. Hipsters love those things.

“Unmatched beer selection. Extensive menu,” Mel reports.

Admirably concise, Mel.

Raise A Glass To Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Biergarten

Narcan Stats
The state police released some statistics on the use of Narcan–the opioid overdose antidote–and I’m not sure what they cover exactly, but the number of Narcan shots they tracked nearly tripled statewide between 2014 and 2017 according to these numbers, the Asbury Park Press reports with the caveat that “the numbers captured by the New Jersey State Police’s Drug Monitoring Initiative do not reflect emergency room administrations of naloxone or those by the general public.”

There’s some other weird findings: Narcan shots in Ocean County fell by more than a third between 2016 and 2017. And overdose deaths in Ocean County fell by more nearly 25% between 2016 and 2017. Narcan shots spiked in Camden County though.

The Ocean County Prosecutor has been diverting people into treatment through something called the Blue Hart program.

Ed’s note: The Asbury Park Press is a good paper and you should subscribe.

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