CRDA, Noah, Norcs and the Atlantic Club – Thursday’s Roundup

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CRDA Board
Cory Booker’s former chief of staff, Modia Butler, is joining the CRDA board.

Butler’s also a partner at Mercury, the terrifying public relations firm. Super.

‘Ask Noah’ 
Jeff Van Drew and Seth Grossman debated at Stockton last night, and the tenor of the discourse was about what you’d expect.

At one point, Seth was asked about climate change and said, “The climate’s been changing for five billion years. Go ask Noah. Go ask the Ice Age.”

So that’s what you’re dealing with: Noah, who’s a) not a real guy and b) famous for spending a long time on a boat.

“Avoid it if you can!” I’m guessing Noah’d say if you could ask him.

Norcs Update
The Philly Inquirer has a fun addendum to the Norcross wiretapping story, reporting that Large George’s phones were being monitored for two things, seemingly: One had to do with the tax credits that get handed out to select companies like Easter eggs. The other tap was part of a probe into Johnny Dougherty, the Philadelphia union boss executive. So we’ve got that going for us. Anyway.

Atlantic Club
Route 40 talked to the owners of the Atlantic Club, which was recently not sold to Stockton, about a few details we found interesting: specifically how/why they modified a loan on another Atlantic City property, whether they paid tax liens and more… (please give us a click!)

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