Drug Court, Noise Pollution and Much, Much More – Monday’s Roundup

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So many stories in the neighborhood! I thought this was supposed to be a slow news week.

The Press of AC’s Nicole Leonard has two great feats of journalism: One on the recent spike in methamphetamine in South Jersey, often overlooked because of opioids. The other is a profile of the drug court and Judge Sandson.

Meanwhile, the Root Beer Barrel in Brigantine is closing for good after Labor Day and the incomparable Kevin Riordan has a profile on the shop John Garbries opened in 1974.
“I was 18. The summer ended and I had $1,500 saved from busboying at the Lagoon Restaurant.”

Tall Mel Taylor at AC Primetime asks a pair of questions on many people’s minds: Why are there so many insane, loud, overlapping ads on the AC Boardwalk and why can’t you see the ocean?
“Is Atlantic City trying to create an uncomfortable environment? Maybe it’s all designed to push you into the casinos?”
Longtime resident Sonny Ireland, of the Boardwalk Committee, is considering ways to push back.

Elsewhere in Acoustic Pollution, the artist known as “Paul Flart” who farted his way to viral fame and a write up in VICE is actually a 31-year-old from Cumberland County, Cat Country reports. God bless us, every one.

Marcus Samuelsson – the Most Interesting Chef in the World – tells NJ Monthly why he decided to open a restaurant in Newark. Atlantic City’s kind of like Newark, but we have nicer beaches.

Lastly, Atlantic City got a new piece of signage, out on West End Avenue. I think it’s very evocative. History and all that. You can check it out on Councilman Jesse Kurtz’s Instagram page here. (Full disclosure: I still don’t understand Instagram.)

For more feats of journalism from across your region, do see below:

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