Election Day – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Election Day is finally here. I hope, my fellow Americans, we do something inspiring, like reclaim our democracy, but I guess we’ll see.

How’s that for optimism!

In the meantime, Matt Arco at NJ.com has info on what you need to know to vote: from whether you’re registered to the location of your local polling place to what you should do if you experience any official funnybusiness.

In realer news, Bob Hugin said the expected rain was “Republican” weather, which some have interpreted to mean Republicans, and their well-known proclivity for automobiles, will be able to dryly drive to the polls, while Democrats who self-gerrymander in cities will have to walk in the rain.

Elsewhere in Hugin, the valuable Spotlight reports that county parties across the state have seen their best fundraising in about a decade, taking in $5.8 million so far this year, with Hugin personally giving $788,310 to Republican county committees, prompting the Exec Director of the Election Law Enforcement Commission to note that when wealthy candidates run for office, they usually help the whole get-out-the-vote effort. “As we are seeing this year and previous ones, self-financed candidates can reinvigorate their entire party network,” he said.  Just as our Framers envisioned.

Meanwhile, Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore told somebody Tom MacArthur will win if “Ocean County does its job, and we follow through,” a nice reminder of who works for whom.

Therapy Vengeance 
Here’s a weird one from Somers Point, where a social worker has been accused of hiring a hit man to beat up a…guy…with muscles or something?

I’m not sure how she knew the guy, but allegedly he’d “bilked” (someone’s word) money from her (the therapist) for years. In fact the “hitman” was a “federal agent.” Or something. I’m not sure I understand this story. Frankly, sometimes I wonder why we write this stuff up just because a prosecutor put out a statement.

Anyway. Godspeed, my friends. Go forth in love and let us begin the long work of building up a new Republic, out of the ashes of our current one, for the journey of a thousand steps begins with a single mile. Or something.

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