Emperor Kelce and Cupid’s Arrow — Friday’s Roundup!

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$5.86 per Month
Local persons who pay Atlantic City Electric for their electricity will likely see lower bills starting in June, the state Board of Public Utilities said. The BPU sets wholesale electricity prices that determine what utilities charge so I guess they’d know.

Governor Phil Murphy “called on” the senate Democrats to do something or other yesterday which was evidently bad because it prompted a prickly response from Senate President Steve Sweeney which NJ.com in turn called the “first public shot” between the two men and the blogger formerly known as Wally Edge called “hugely important” and my god are we all actually big children?

Our country is hurtling toward about three different Constitutional crises, not to mention a climate crisis and our Nth decade of uninterrupted war, and the political establishment that brought us this hallowed state of affairs still pretends it’s the only adult in the room. Somewhere an Overton Window is opening.

Elsewhere in Guided Democracies, the All-Seeing All-Knowing Cook Political Report shifted its rating for the New Jersey 2nd Congressional District from “toss up” to “lean Democrat” as Frank “Frank” LoBiondo is retiring and people think Jeff Van Drew has already won. But before you start popping champagne: Van Drew was for the Muslim ban, against President Emoluments’ releasing his tax returns and also “shares your views on marriage” which I think puts him to the right of the famous libertine Chris Christie on the subject of equal protection for the Gays. So there’s that.

Flu Monitoring
The valuable NJ Spotlight has another great interactive map, this one tracking the spread of flu across the state.

In unrelated global news, the CDC has been “dramatically downsizing its epidemic prevention activities in 39 out of 49 countries because money is running out.” Well, at least the Spotlight’s on it.

Can Emperor Kelce Officiate the Weddings?
Love was in the air yesterday at the Iggles Day Parade as two different local couples were betrothed on the beer and god-knows-what-else soaked streets of Philadelphia. The Press of AC’s Vincent Jackson reports that Max Mittleman, a Longport lifeguard, proposed to Laura Murphy, of Linwood, in front of the Franklin Institute.

Meanwhile on the Twitter box, Amy Rosenberg was on-hand as Jerard Ingenito of the ACPD proposed to Mary McCloskey “at Broad and Catherine, just after the last Eagles bus went by. ‘We were at Broad and Catherine. I grabbed a Philadelphia police officer to make sure that nobody snatched [the ring] from us.'”

I played football with Jerardo and he’s a big boy with excellent hip flexibility but it doesn’t hurt to take some basic safety precautions.

Anyhow. Congratulations everyone!

By the way Vincent Jackson says, “Mittelman and Murphy took the NJ Transit train to the parade.” See what happens when you take the train!

Elsewhere across the region:

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