Excessive Force, Immigrants and Schools – Friday’s Roundup

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A civil jury found former Atlantic City police Officer John Devlin used excessive force in the 2013 arrest of Steven Stadler and found the Atlantic City Police Department had policies in place that allowed violence by its officers to go unchecked. Two other officers in the case, Glenn Anthony Abrams Jr. and William Moore, were cleared. Lynda Cohen has the details at BreakingAC.com.

You should read this Erin Serpico piece on immigrants in South Jersey, told in part through the eyes of an Atlantic City activist. South Jersey is off of many people’s radars for a whole bunch of reasons, and sometimes that’s a good thing (like, we’re not among all of these Yankee supporters up north) but often our lower population numbers mean we get less public money, which disproportionately hurts minorities, and it is harder for activists to work with smaller, more dispersed, minority communities. This all matters because here in South Jersey, as Route 40 reported last year, the only communities that are growing are immigrant ones. (And see here for general South Jersey population shrinkage).

There’s still a lot of budget talk in the air, even though your governor has just gone on vacation. So what is the latest on the school funding formula? And, more importantly, what does it mean for your local school?

Here’s one to get the history buffs’ blood boiling: an 1880 landmark inn was demolished, swank shore homes could replace it (in Avon-by-the-Sea).

And here’s all the rest of the news you need to know about today:

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