Farewell to the HUL-DG

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Happy belated MLK Day to all.

Chris Christie leaves office officially today and they didn’t call him the historically unpopular lame-duck governor (HUL-DG) for nothing. The Republican Man Baby pocket-vetoed a bill that would have created tax incentives for businesses around the Atlantic City International Airport, John DeRosier at the Press of AC reports (h/t to Jim Kennedy).

Now, Route 40 has been critical of these kind of incentive arrangements, but if no one’s going to pay taxes, we might as well have an aviation industry. That’s the point of a race to the bottom. And the bill was supported by Vince Mazzeo, and Chris Brown, and Colin Bell and Jim Whelan. Denny Levinson called the veto a “vindictive parting shot.”

A spokesperson for the HUL-DG said the airport incentives bill had been approved “hastily.”

There’s still some optimism Phil Murphy will back the airport Growth Zone bill.

Someone put a python in a Parkway toll basket, and that’s about the most terrifying thing I can imagine.

Marijuana Debates
Payton Guion at NJ.com has the latest on the marijuana legalization bill that’s supposed to be introduced by Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, which is different from the one recently reintroduced by Senator Nicolas Scutari. Under the Gusciora proposal, which hasn’t yet been proposed, there would be a lower number of legal dispensaries and legal growers, and the tax rate would be lower, but New Jerseyans would also be allowed to grow (a limited amount of) their own marijuana at home.

For the rest of today’s South Jersey news see below:

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