Following The Money, Buy A Bar, Pot Policy – Friday’s Roundup

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Following The Money
NJSpotlight has an interactive map so you can see how much your neighbors have contributed toward the gubernatorial race this year. Over at Route 40, we are in the process of compiling an interactive map showing Legislative District 2 contributions and expenditures (you won’t be surprised to learn that most of the contributions in one of the most expensive races this year came from outside the district). Stay tuned to our site later today for that launch (and we’ll probably email it out when ready). In other election-money news, there were allegations of voter fraud at the Atlantic County Board of Elections last night, read more via The Press of Atlantic City.

Franklin Parker Preserve – photo by @pinebarrennaturalist on Instagram.

Buy A Bar

There’s a bar for sale just a block away from Stockton University’s future Atlantic City campus and the new South Jersey Industries headquarters. The owner – who was a frequent customer when the property was Grabel’s – is being coy about the offers he’s received. Read more via Route 40.

Pot Policy
A “landmark” Supreme Court decision on Tuesday throws into relief New Jersey’s disjointed policy on marijuana and orders the state to consider declassifying marijuana from a Schedule 1 drug (considered highly addictive and without medical value). NJSpotlight reports that the judges wrote: “While there may have been no accepted medical use” for the plant when the state’s drug classification system was created, “any suggestion that premise is still valid in the post- (medical marijuana law) era strains credulity beyond acceptable boundaries.”

In the rest of the day’s news, both gubernatorial candidates are backing offshore wind, supposedly cash-strapped CRDA could buy AC’s Ginsburg Bakery (to house SID staff and equipment) and the Sweeney v NJEA election battle is now at $15.8 million and counting. All that and more below:

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