Gilliam Rising, ‘Involuntary Commitment’ and How to Stop a Predator Online – Tuesday’s Roundup!

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A New Jersey Superior Court Judge dismissed the criminal complaint against Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam over a $10,000 campaign donation he allegedly stole from the city Democratic Committee that, allegedly, had just worked to elect him a few months earlier.

The whole thing was kind of weird, if you ask me. But it seems to be over.

The mayor was holding a press conference as we typed.

Elsewhere at the Press of AC, Nicole Leonard takes a dive into the important question of whether New Jersey should adopt an “involuntary-commitment” law that would allow people with an abuse disorder (to opioids mostly) to be sent into treatment against their will. A bill in the state legislature has bi-partisan support.

She interviews a woman, trying to get her homeless son into a program, who got clean herself after going through drug court.

Chris Brown is a sponsor of the bill.

Elsewhere in politics, nobody loves Jeff Van Drew.

Elsewhere in elsewhere in politics, two Ventnor kids have grown up and are doing a podcast together. She’s a professor of women’s studies. He was a Naval specwar officer attached to SEAL Team ONE. Sounds like a hoot!

Lastly, Matt Skoufalos at NJ Pen takes a look at how adults on a gaming app tried to block a 21-year-old from predating a minor from Collingswood. Liam Heim, of Gulfport, Florida, was arrested in Philadelphia on Friday and charged with kidnapping and endangering the welfare of a child.

“Even now, the younger ones are trying to defend Liam, saying they’re a Romeo and Juliet.”

For more feats of journalism from across South Jersey, do see below:



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