January 9, 2018

Glenny We Hardly Knew Ye – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Small Town, Episode 375.7
The state sold $375.7 million in bonds to build those office buildings in Trenton no one seems to want, “brushing off critics who insisted that voters have the right to approve or reject such debt.” Silly critics! In other news, what’s a voter?

In point of fact, only like $215 million will go toward the office buildings. The other $160 million will go toward child prisons.

Also, the law firm of our very own Boardwalk Emperor Jeffrey Chiesa represented the state in the sale. Small town, I know.

Better Pensions For Norcross Allies
The state assembly passed a bill that would “secure a better pension” for Camden Mayor Dana Redd with 41 votes, the minimum needed for approval, Matt Friedman at Politico reports.

I’m sure the bill did some other things too. Wait, I’m reading that “the bill appears to have been written specifically with Redd in mind.” Ok. Thanks, Matt.

Wasn’t pension reform a big part of the Christie political phenomenon, or am I making that up? But Redd is “a close ally of South Jersey Democratic power broker George Norcross,” Friedman writes, so all bets are off.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world and lose his soul…

Alas, Poor Straub

We (hardly) knew you once. Read our take on Glen’s (apparent) AC exit.

Plus! NJTransit hiring problems, details on the Atlantic County aviation district and an update on homicide rates (down statewide, up in Atlantic Co) and all the rest of the day’s news here:

Governor Approves Array Of Healthcare ProgramsEdit”]

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