Government Jobs Parts I, II and III – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Mayor Fight
Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver told Chris Franklin at that she won’t be intervening to remove Mayor Gilliam and Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy as the ACDC requested.

Since everyone’s typing “ACDC” this morning in an Atlantic City context, I thought about the time I got a Culprits teeshirt that said ACNJ in a cool ACDC (the Aussie metal band) font. I wanted to take a picture but currently can’t locate the tee (we moved). I’m sorry that this story’s going nowhere, but my fingers are frozen.

Elsewhere in Jobs, the AC Board of Ed. is meeting Friday at 5pm to discuss Gene Allen, the basketball coach who was recently ousted, Lynda Cohen reports. Allen filed a lawsuit yesterday to get his job back, per the AC Press.

Also from the Press, David Weinberg has an enlightening history of the AC Boys Basketball head coaches back to 1989. Even legends are expendable, seems to be the theme.

Government Jobs, Part III
Governor Murphy signed a bill adding Atlantic County (and Monmouth) to a pilot program that lets municipalities share services with one another, though in this instance “services” seems mostly to refer to “local employees” which the bill defines as any “tenured municipal clerk, assessor, collector, chief financial officer, municipal treasurer, or principal public works manager who is a municipal superintendent of public works.” Bear in mind I have not gone to law school.

“Other laws, permitting a variety of shared services, including interlocal services agreements, joint meetings, and consolidated and regional services, exist but have not been very effective in promoting the broad use of shared services as a technique to reduce local expenses funded by property taxpayers,” the bill itself observes, which reminds me of the guy I went to high school with who works for one of the, like, 691 school districts in New Jersey or 550 law enforcement agencies, I can’t remember which, and opined one time on Facebook about how he was leaving high-tax New Jersey to forge a new life for himself in South Carolina, which is much more sensibly governed, just as soon as he retires from his government job with the full pension and healthcare benefits. It happened just yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that. There are a lot of those guys!

Anyhoo. Mazzeo and Armato were sponsors of this bill. Chris Brown was a co-sponsor.

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