Great Divides – Tuesday’s Roundup!

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The New York Post reports that the US Supreme Court – the one in Washington DC – could rule as early as today on the case to allow sports betting in New Jersey, though they don’t really say why they think that ruling could happen today. (SCOTUSblog, running a live feed, says no decision today, next chance is Monday, apparently.)

A lot of people are concerned these days about creeping socialism, which is when the worker bees in a society get too much political power and start to demand a greater share of the honey, but if you want a sense of how Atlantic City – and by extension the rest of the civilized world – operate in practice, please do have a gander at Elinor’s story on Curtis Bashaw, Carl Icahn and The Chelsea. Just me, but I think the deck is stacked in favor of the other thing.

Elsewhere in worker bees, NJ-ROI has an interesting follow-up story on Chris Christie’s portrait wherein we learn “art consultant” is an actual job people have in New Jersey. That’s not surprising actually. The business I’m in has consultants too. If the art business is anything like journalism, the consultants outnumber the actual artists by five to one.

Elsewhere in Great Divides, Jim Kennedy, over on the Twitterbox, points out that the per capita personal income of Atlantic County and New Jersey were “effectively the same” up until 1989, when the Great Divergence began. Now the gap’s $17,000 per person.

For more feats of journalism from across your region see below:

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