‘He told me if he died, no one would notice’

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Money Mystery
The Atlantic City Democratic Committee (I think) is examining how a $10,000 check from the Atlantic County Democratic Committee ended up in Mayor (then-candidate) Frank Gilliam’s bank account, Lynda Cohen reports.

The check was made out to the City Democratic Committee, and it came from the County Democratic Committee. I realize that’s a lot of “committees” but they’re forming another to probe the mystery check.

You can watch the video where they vote on the matter here. It will remind you how cool the Irish Pub is.

The City Dem Committee also overturned censures against Marty Small and Ernest Coursey for publicly supporting the Republican candidate, Don Guardian, against Gilliam in the mayor’s race, and they overturned a censure against Kaleem Shabazz for supporting Chris Brown over Colin Bell in the senate. Phew.

Quote of the Day
“I ain’t got socks on ’cause I’m tipsy.” — Kevin Hart

In post-Super Bowl news, Brandon Graham and a few other Iggles were maybe spotted at the Borgata. This guy got a diagram of the 4th-down play to Foles (the “Philly Special”) tattooed on his arm. And Deadspin has the most exhaustive compilation to date of the mayhem that ensued across Philadelphia in hours after the game.

Missing Steve Merton
Our fancy modern society sure has a lot of lost people in it, folks who fall through the cracks. Chrissy Spallone at NJ Pen profiles one of them, a cancer survivor who named his fish after his oncologist and was a fixture, along with his light-blue Dyno Glide beach cruiser, around Collingswood. Then, a few weeks ago, he disappeared.

Elsewhere across the region:

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