HQ2, Big Fish, Fralinger’s – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Slow news day, South Jersey! I have jury duty. The mayor was in a fight. It’s rainy and windy, but if you need me to tell you that, blink three times. We’ll send help!

The Only Way to Win is Not to Play?
In national news, Amazon picked Long Island City and Crystal City, Virginia, for its new headquarters HQ2.

Am I crazy, or did they just string along a few hundred American cities for two years pretending to care about “development” or somesuch before plopping down in maybe the last two places that need development?

I suppose they could have picked San Francisco.

Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean said we missed out and asked, “How many more times are we going to sit by and watch companies choose to set up shop elsewhere, before we take action?” Phil Murphy said taxes didn’t come up in high-level talks.

Does anyone ask if these programs actually work? Or, put another way, “Why the hell are U.S. cities spending tens of billions of dollars to steal jobs from one another in the first place?”

Anyway, here’s Atlantic City’s proposal, dated September 25, 2017. It is 46 pages…

Fralinger’s Chapter 11
In local news, the James Candy Company, which makes Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy filed for bankruptcy last week, citing underperformance of summer sales in 2018 among other things, Lynda Cohen reports. It will continue to operate all its stores, pay its employees and ship holiday orders, the company said.

Holy Mackerel!
A Pleasantville man caught a 47-inch striped bass off the southern end of Long Beach Island yesterday, which is a big fish it looks like, but not so big that two guys from Brigantine didn’t catch a slightly bigger one a little bit later.

Enjoy your morning!

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