October 27, 2016

It’s About Taxes, Stupid And Our Rusting Bridges – Thursday’s Roundup

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Everything gets rusty so quickly by the sea – and have you thought about how that affects the bridges you drive over, multiple times a day around here? Yeah, maybe you don’t want to think too long about that. The Gazette of Cape May has a look at a drawbridge that is causing problems for local fisheries and the cost of bridge improvements.

There are a couple of interesting local election battles heating up around here. In Northfield, a pair of Republican men are facing challenges from a duo of Democratic women for city council. The challengers are saying that taxes need to be brought under control – while the incumbents focus on Northfield’s schools and city spending. Shore News Today’s The Current has the details – they asked all candidates to fill them in on their platforms.

It would be easy to be snarky and cynical about the BOOM in LOCAL hiring related to the project to build Stockton University’s Island Campus in Atlantic City, since we all know the developer is a non-profit from New Brunswick and the construction company that won the no-bid contract for the work is from Lawrenceville…. But maybe you should just read The Press of Atlantic City’s story about how some local security guards and admins have been hired and feel optimistic about commitments from the contractor to train local people for construction jobs. Right?

Here’s the rest of what we’re reading today:

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