Kim v. MacArthur, Opioids, Fireworks – Monday’s Roundup

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Kim v. MacArthur 
The indefatigable Amy Rosenberg has a fun story on the race between Tom MacArthur and Andy Kim for the 3rd Congressional District, which has entered the Twilight Zone, with MacArthur simultaneously calling Kim a “Washington insider” (!) and “Not one of us” (Kim’s a second-generation American).

This race was a toss-up a few weeks back (though that may be changing) even though MacArthur has the endorsement of the police union and the Building & Construction Trades Council, whose president Bill Mullen is on the CRDA board with a few other important union persons.

I love that you can be the fiscal-responsibility party’s candidate for Congress and still get the endorsement of the PBA and CRDA union bosses in South Jersey, which are about as fiscally responsible as a couple of drunken cowboys on Saturday night.

Gosh I wonder what binds these constituencies together, if it’s not their love of interest rates?

Opioid prescriptions are down in New Jersey, but OD’s are not down, the valuable Spotlight reports, citing figures from the AG. (At least through 2015, opioid prescription rates were still rising in some South Jersey counties as we wrote here, so that could have something to do with it, along with more fentanyl prescriptions).

Nearly eight people died per day in 2017, and the number’s expected to be higher this year, so if you feel like you’re surrounded by this plague, it’s not just you.

Fireworks Theft
The dude who got his fireworks took from the Ducktown Tavern parking lot and thinks the police, in uniform, may have took them, based on the surveillance video showing police, in uniform, tooking them, appears to be frustrated at the response he’s been getting from the…the police re: the $22,000 worth of merchandise that’s still missing and unaccounted for, Lynda Cohen reports.

“It has been almost three months since your Atlantic City police officers were caught on tape removing $22,000 of fireworks products from a Keystone sales location after the tent was closed for business,” the dude writes in an email to investigators. “I had a brief call about three weeks ago with officer [redacted] who indicated that he would arrange a discussion with me in the next week or two…that never happened.”

There are eight million stories in the naked city, I wish we had time to get to the bottom of just one of them.

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