Legal Bills, Lobbying, ‘Authentic’ Shipping Containers – Tuesday’s Roundup

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David Danzis at the Press reports the city cut the amount it pays in legal services by $500,000 for the upcoming year, which is something we’d been meaning to follow up on since Council President Marty Small mentioned it in a council meeting a few months back. They’ve also not approved a change order for legal services since 2016, according to Small.

Elsewhere in numbers, lobbyists spent $1.4 million on marijuana legalization (for and against) in 2018, NJSpotlight reports, citing the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission, whose executive director, Jeff Brindle, notes, “Lobbying is a vital and fundamental part of democracy.”

I suppose that’s one way to think about it.

Shipping Containers
Joe Brandt at has an update on the shipping-container hotel thing Pat Fasano is building on New York Avenue/St. James Place. Fasano said he was inspired by a project in Costa Rica and, “with some luck we will complete it this year.”

You can read our story here.

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