Liverish, Voting, Hospitality – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Best Use of ‘Liverish’ in a Sentence
The valuable NJ Spotlight reports New Jerseyans are as liverish as we’ve been in decades, citing a Monmouth poll that found only 15% say this is an excellent place to live.

Nobody likes their property taxes, as per usually.

State Rating Hits 38 Year Low as Quality of Life Views Ebb

Get Your Voting Shoes On
WNYC’s Nancy Solomon took a look at the Dem primary race in the 2nd Congressional district, which pits Tanzie Youngblood, who is “is pro-choice, anti-gun, and she supports funding for health and education” against Jeff Van Drew, who is not.

Primary’s June 5.

Let’s Talk About Hospitality
NJ Advance Media has a long look at harassment in the hospitality industry. It matters around here since the leisure and hospitality sectors still employ an outsized chunk of the local population, despite a decade-long conversation about ways to reduce that dependence by attracting other industries.

This is a somewhat unrelated and spur-of-the-moment chain of thought from Elinor, but while talking to a friend over the weekend who worked in marketing for a big hotel chain, we were talking about the entrepreneurial characteristics of hospitality workers and how (sometimes) it’s still an industry where you can go from being a kitchen worker to a CEO. I’ve been skeptical about what graduates from local hospitality programs can go on to do… but my pipe dream is that some are becoming or will become the foundations of a new generation of business owners and startup founders, or service providers to such people. “Entrepreneurial Business Services” was actually identified as a target industry in Atlantic County’s Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan, but not much progress has been made to date… Let’s get on it, people.

For everything else in the region:

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