Locals Deported, Norcross is Having a Fundraiser and Jobs Protectors are Supporting the Media – Friday’s Roundup

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Bridgetonians Deported
Longtime Bridgeton residents Oscar and Humberta Campos are being deported after last-minute appeal efforts failed. They’ve lived here almost 30 years, have a house and a small biz, The Courier-Post reported. They also have three kids–ages 24, 22 and 15–who are citizens and will stay. The oldest son is going through the legal process to take care of the 15-year old. Oscar and Humberta had a flight this morning at 5 a.m. out of Newark.

Elsewhere in Deportations, Eni Entchev, whose parents fled Bulgaria for the U.S. when he was 2, was deported last night, his parents said. Eni went to a routine check-in at the Immigration and Customs office in Newark on November 15. A few weeks later, his parents “got a call from Eni asking them to pack a bag,” the Asbury Park Press reports. The dad works in the “field of computerized mapping” and was recognized for his excellence by Citizen and Immigration Services, but they’ve been trying to get legal status for years. Last year, the family got a waiver. This year, Eni was deported. He’s currently 27. I’m sure he’ll fit right in in Bulgaria.

Also, three DREAM-Act eligible New Jerseyans were arrested after “conducting a sit-in” at the U.S. Capitol building against the ominbus spending bill yesterday, NorthJersey.com reports. They were among 50 demonstrators urging a “a legislative fix to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.”

Millennials Love ‘Weekend Wastelands’
Historically unpopular lame-duck governor Chris Christie’s plan to “bulldoze the state’s Taxation building” and the “Health and Agriculture building” to “free up space in Trenton for redevelopment” is going forward after the State House Commission held a special meeting yesterday morning and and approved the $220-million project, “during Christie’s final month in office” The Trentonian notes.

“All of the city residents who spoke at the meeting opposed the project, classifying the idea as a ‘1950s model of urban development’ that would result in Trenton remaining a ‘weekend wasteland,'” The Trentonian also reports.

Less than a month ago, this project was “stymied” but, as the dashing John Reitmeyer at NJ Spotlight reports, some last-minute funnybusiness allowed it to go through this time.

Back on November 16, the Spotlight quoted a certain Anne LaBate who said, “We need mixed-use, public-private partnerships, and density at the core of our downtown.”

That happy notion makes her our Three-Star Route 40 Millennial Understander of the Week.

Norcs, Rising
George Norcross is helping Steve Sweeney raise money through a Super PAC following Sweeney’s very costly reelection campaign, the recently liberated Christian Hetrick reports. They’re holding a $2,500 per person at the Westin in Mount Laurel. No word on the location of the after-party.

A group calling itself “Protect Jersey Jobs” has spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars since September” to fight legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15, Politico’s Katherine Landergan reports. Citing data from Advertising Analytics, KL says the Jobs-Protectors spent, “$274,000 on the cable ads and about $118,000 on radio ads from the end of October through early November.”

Speaking of jobs, among the Jobs-Protectors members are the New Jersey Food Council and New Jersey Gasoline-Convenience-Automotive Association, who support the group that argues we can’t afford to pay people a living wage. Unrelated: Did you know there was a New Jersey Gasoline-Convenience-Automotive Association? They seem to have at least five people on staff. The Food Council website shows six staff. Gotta spend money to save money, I guess.

In Sportsball news, the 76ers traded former Process poster boy Jahlil Okafor to Brooklyn, and Southern Regional wrestling coach John Stout was suspended until January 6 for administering an “unauthorized hydration test,” the Press of AC reports.

Snow, snow, snow… 
Forecasts have been upgraded. We could get six inches!

For more South Jersey news, see below.

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