Mapping New Jersey’s Pending Deportations

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There is a Margate resident facing deportation. Over the bridge in Ocean City, are 12 more immigration cases. The Margate resident has a lawyer. Just four of the 12 Ocean City residents do.

The immigrant in Margate is much more likely to be allowed to stay in the country than the immigrants on the other side of the bridge, the statistics show. Just one in five New Jersey immigrants with lawyers will be deported, according to historical data from Homeland Security. Immigrants without legal representation are three times more likely to be deported.

Search local immigration case data here:

  • There were more than 40,000 immigrants facing deportation in New Jersey through August.
  • Only about 2,500 of those immigrants are facing criminal or national security charges.
  • The average case for a New Jersey immigrant is now taking more than 800 days to process.
  • Out of the 10,187 cases filed last year, most of the immigrants were from Guatemala or Mexico.
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported 1,009 immigrants from New Jersey last year. More than half had never been convicted of any crime but 44 were deported for driving under the influence and 38 for illegal entry.
  • New Jersey set aside $2.1 million in this year’s budget to provide legal aid to immigrants. It is not yet clear how that money will be spent.

Are you, or anyone you know, dealing with the immigration system? We’d love to hear from you. And let us know what you would like to read about, too. We are working on more articles on immigration in New Jersey.

This map was compiled with data scraped from a database managed by TRAC at Syracuse that contains records from the Department of Homeland Security. The data is mapped using addresses filed in immigration court records. Detained immigrants may use the address where they are in detention. Immigrants taken into custody in New Jersey are detained in facilities in the north of the state, most likely in Newark, Elizabeth or in Essex or Hudson counties.

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