Mayor Fight V: This Time it’s Federal – Monday’s Roundup

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Mayor Fight V: This time it’s Federal 
Amy Rosenberg reports on Twitter that Federal Agents are unloading boxes at Mayor Gilliam’s house. Presumably they don’t contain Girl Scout cookies. Lynda Cohen says the ACPD are on the scene too (for crowd control purposes). Ted Greenberg says special agents for the IRS are there.

So we had the check thing in the spring. The fight thing last month. And now an FBI raid. I guess we’re starting to get the picture.

EDA Money
The NJ Economic Development Authority has created a new unit to help small businesses with technical support, financial support and other services, the Spotlight reports.

This is after many years of supporting non-small businesses, etc.

Force Rates
The Atlantic City Police Department ranks number two in the state in use-of-force rates, according to that story from last week. The force rate is the percentage of arrests that require police to use one of a number of types of force. Statewide the figure’s about one in 30 arrests. In Atlantic City it’s 11.1%, behind only Maplewood, where the chief says they use a strict interpretation for their reporting.

Pleasantville’s number five in the state. stressed throughout its reporting that use of force was a “normal and necessary part of policing” and the rate itself does not tell the whole story.

Atlantic City was also number two in total uses of force, behind Camden (a larger city) but ahead of much bigger cities like Newark, Paterson and Elizabeth. Vineland is number six on the list for total uses of force.

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