Meat & Vegetables – Friday’s Roundup

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Asbury-Park developer Patrick Fasano paid $919,995 for a bunch of properties owned by Gary Hill and John Schultz on St. James and New York Avenues.

Fasano’s plans for this real estate have been reported (by the excellent Erin Serpico at the Press of AC) but Elinor has details on pricing, from the land records.

To be honest, I heard Millennial “shipping-container-style hotel” and had a picture in my head, then I saw a picture of the food they’re serving at Bourré and it looks like meat strips, served with side meat, a mug of hot cheese and maybe some more onions and meat. Also collard greens.

After that you can head down to Showboat for the Vegan Food Festival!

Atlantic City: Where you really can do it all.

In less delicious news, Phil Murphy has a plan to cut money from state’s worker-benefits programs. Somebody says it could save $200 million. Steve Sweeney has a panel that also has a plan, which they’re about to release. Or maybe it’s the same plan. In all good candor I can’t really tell what’s going on here. That’s why I get paid the big bucks.

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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