November 1, 2016

Mountains of Sand and Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion – Tuesday’s Roundup

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The Lonely Fight
The city of Margate gave up suing over the Army Corps of Engineers’ plan to extend dunes to the southern part of Absecon Island, but some Margate residents are keeping the fight going. A lawyer for those residents has filed an injunction request, seeking to prevent the work from starting before the case is heard. Meanwhile, the Army Corps of Engineers has received bids for the work. Read the details here.

Globalization Spreads To South Jersey. Finally.
Sometimes it might feel like we’re a long way from any national or global trendsetters here in South Jersey (and particularly here in our dark corner of Atlantic County). But friends! Fashion store Zara – only the world’s biggest retailer – is finally opening in Cherry Hill. It’s true because says so. Sadly it won’t open until 2017, which sucks because they always have the best winter coats, but still: A little slice of Spanish greatness, that’s only been all over every other part of the world for the last two decades, is coming to South Jersey. We’ve made it! That, or it’s finally the end times. Your choice.

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