Muni Madness, Walhburger Rising and Where Ween Recorded The Mollusk – Monday’s Roundup!

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Greetings, Route 40’ers, Happy Beltane Eve if you’re into that kind of thing. I am into that kind of thing. Why is it so cold outside?

In realer news, Matt Skoufalos at NJ Pen published part I of a series on the “challenges behind municipal mergers” and the roots of home rule in New Jersey, a big topic that touches on a lot of issues close to everyone’s hearts, including why we pay so much property taxes and how do we finance your spouse’s job with the government?

Part I of Big Skouf’s series is on roads and how we went from 125 towns in 1834 to more than 540 by the 1920s.

A Walhburger Will Rise!
The A.P. has reviewed Bruce Deifik’s plans for the new Revel and there will be glass safety panels beside the terrifying old elevator, a set of”welcoming” stairs connecting the porte cochere to the boardwalk and lots of Mark Wahlberg, who is bringing with him his famous hamburger restaurant and a bar called “Entourage” that sounds terrific.

Kevin Riordan from the Philly Inquirer profiled a composer who plays his music outdoors and went to the southern tip of Long Beach Island for inspiration, and generally I’d be a little dubious about allegations like, “The ocean hangs out down here, and this is where the birds are,” but Ween recorded their album The Mollusk in Holgate so maybe there’s something to it.

For more feats of journalism from across South Jersey, do see below:

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