Murphy Fires Back, Immigrants Pay Taxes and Is Princeton Trump Country? – Thursday’s Roundup!

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Phil Murphy fired back at Texas Governor Greg Abbott after Abbott wrote yesterday that New Jerseyans should consider moving to Texas because the taxes are lower there.

This reminds me of the time some Texas state troopers saw a big bird in the sky and word got out the Jersey Devil had for some reason fled to Brownsville and my grandmother had to intervene to stop these people from Smithville (“the Concerned Citizens for the Return of the Jersey Devil”) who were going to fly down there in a hot-air balloon to retrieve our local cryptid.

My grandmother was from old Leeds Point “Bay People” stock and she loved to sit around and listen to millionaires complain about their taxes. God I miss her.

Elsewhere in immigration, undocumented persons paid more than $14 million in taxes in Atlantic County in 2017, and they paid $587 million statewide, according to a report that was no doubt compiled by liberals.

Those gun-loving hillbillies from, wait,…Princeton, New Jersey, (?) gave more money to the Trump campaign committee than any other municipality in the state last year, according to FEC filings.

Hard Rock’s opening June 28. The Gin Blossoms are coming July 21. Is this what people mean when they say Hard Rock will bring in a younger crowd?

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