Nature Rears its Windy Head – Monday’s Roundup

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Happy Rosh Hashana to everyone out there celebrating. Hope you enjoy wind and rain. I kind of do, but then, we don’t have central air in the Route 40 newsroom/house, so I’m just glad the heatwave has broken. Controversial, I realize.

This weekend’s storms put a tiny damper on the A.C. Seafood Festival, prompting Jon Henderson, the guy behind the event, to take to Facebook. “My knee jerk reaction is to say it was a horrible weekend. But In actually it was far from that. This weekend was a confirmation that there are some amazing humans out there.”

Way to find the silver lining, Mr. Henderson. I know I enjoyed myself at the seafood fest. We went with our kiddlies, who are surprisingly into octopus. A surreal moment came when a baby sea turtle emerged from the sand castle being carved in the middle of the event. A momma turtle must have deposited her eggs in the raw material–a reminder that Nature is omnipresent. #AccidentalPartridge

By Sunday night, though, many Absecon Island residents were dealing with flooded streets and bridge and road closures. Scenes were pretty grim in some parts of the city – and residents were once again asking questions on social media about Atlantic City’s bulkheads and recently-refurbished pump system. Meanwhile, on Friday there was news that the state’s blue acres program to buy out flooded homes is to expand to Atlantic County, starting in Pleasantville. For some residents who have been applying for years, it can’t reach Absecon Island soon enough.

Elsewhere, our friend Levi Fox has a piece on the history of Stockton in Atlantic City, complete with an excellent aerial photo of the Mayflower Hotel, on Tennessee and the Boardwalk, where they first opened in 1971, when the main campus in Galloway was still under construction. “The location of the Gateway Campus itself is historic, on the site of the High School Vera King Farris once attended, and across from the Knife and Fork Inn,” Levi notes.

In more future-oriented news, the price of “health insurance on the individual market” is set to drop more than 9% next year due in part to changes in state law designed to stabilize the market, the valuable Spotlight reports. Thoughts and prayers to all the insurance execs out there.

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