No on Marijuana, Shark Deaths, Strip Club Lawsuit – Tuesday’s Roundup

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No Marijuana
Everybody reports on the decision to pull the bill on legal marijuana for lack of votes in the senate.’s story points out the governor, the “state’s legislative leaders” and 60% of New Jerseyans support the idea but that is not the way this operates. Politico reports four South Jersey Democrats in the Senate were no’s and one was a “soft” yes.

Murphy, Sweeney and Coughlin said they might try another version of the bill this summer, maybe sooner.

The Press and report on the dozens of dogfish sharks that washed up on the beach over the weekend. One conservation officer said they might have gotten stranded on the marshes during the v. high tide, pulled out to sea and then blown back onto the beach.

Strip Club Suit
A dancer from Marlton is suing a strip club in Burlington alleging management effectively tried to force her into prostitution, stole her tips and her co-workers tips and treated them as independent contractors, in violation of labor laws.

The club denies the allegations, but it also calls itself the “Delaware Valley’s premier gentleman’s club” so keep that in mind as you assess credibility.

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