Norcs, Trains, Drugs & Donuts – Friday’s Roundup

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Sam Sutton at Politico reported on a bill that passed the state senate that makes it easier for insurance brokers to collect fun benefits when they sell insurance plans, a “clear victory for the state’s insurance industry,” which includes George Norcross and his company, Connor Strong & Bucklew, that also gets lots of money from the EDA. Steve Sweeney was the primary sponsor.

NJ Transit Executive Director Kevin Corbett stood in a crowd at the Atlantic City train station to give clarity on the rail line, which was supposed to reopen a while ago but hasn’t, and here are two actual quotes, as reported by the excellent Michelle Brunetti Post.

“’We would like to have given you a date certain today,’ said Executive Director Kevin Corbett, but he could only continue to say sometime in the second quarter, which ends with June.

‘I can say June 15 — I’m 100 percent covered with June 15 or June 30,’ said Corbett, adding it could be sooner.”

It sounds like a Monty Python sketch. Also – there’s still no real reason for the delay.

In non-local news that should piss you off anyway, Richard Sackler, of the billionaire Sackler family whose name appears on many of our favorite museums and hospital wings, appeared in a newly unsealed deposition to support a plan to let doctors go on thinking their new drug, OxyContin, was weaker than morphine when in fact they knew it wasn’t.

If you think overdose deaths shot through the roof since 1997 because people suddenly developed bad values, you might add this new data on the terrible Sacklers to the fact pattern. Meanwhile, the Atlantic City Police Department published its annual report and it seized almost twice as much heroin from the city’s streets last year compared to 2017.

Purdue’s Sackler embraced plan to conceal OxyContin’s strength from doctors, sealed deposition shows

In happier news, Ocean City’s Drip N’ Scoop is getting closer to starting building work on a new location in Atlantic City that should open this summer, one of the owners told us.

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