Not SAFER, PSEG Files, Medical Marijuana – Wednesday’s Roundup

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The state doesn’t want Atlantic City to apply for federal grants that would pay for some of its firefighters’ salaries, David Danzis reports for The Press. My memory might be getting foggy, but I remember last year’s incarnation of state overseers also objected to the use of federal money to pay for municipal firefighters. The state says that the federal grants don’t cover 100 percent of new hires’ salaries and the city would be on the hook down the road. But the grants can be rolled over, so turning down the chance to apply doesn’t make a whole lot of immediate sense to me, unless it’s about reducing the state’s future pension liability, which – I think that horse bolted.

PSEG Files
Meanwhile, on the topic of state funds… your $300 million plan to subsidize PSEG could benefit power plants that are in Pennsylvania. “PSEG head acknowledges nuclear plants in Pennsylvania could benefit from subsidies awarded to his company,” writes NJ Spotlight.

Medical Marijuana
Enrollment in New Jersey’s medical marijuana program has increased 25 percent as the list of qualifying medical conditions has been expanded by Gov. Murphy. Maybe that’s not surprising. The Inquirer says it’s because there is pent-up demand.

In the rest of the day’s news, Ocean Resort (when we will drop AKA Revel?) has torn down its fancy slate wall so visitors will now have direct access to the Boardwalk (smart), some important adjustments were made to NJ’s criminal justice reform efforts, the school-funding debate rages on with new talks about the property tax cap exemption (paywall) and Camden got a bike share program (and we need to figure out what happened to the Downbeach effort on Absecon Island).

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