August 18, 2016

Only Stupid People Pay Taxes

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Donald Trump got an 83% ($25 million) discount on his tax bill after “longtime friend” Chris Christie graduated from U.S. attorney for New Jersey to governor of the state, the New York Times reports, citing public records.

Christie and his big mom pants are now top advisers to the Trump campaign, which as we all know is a false-flag operation to drumpf up publicity for the Trump TV media empire, meaning we may see Christie in the barber’s chair at Wrestlemania 2018.

A Christie spokesman said the small matter of $25 million, which the state had been fighting with Trump over for years, was too inconsequential and “routine” for Christie to have even noticed at the time.

The Times says Christie has known Trump since 2002, Christie was invited to Trump’s third wedding (2005) and that, “They have double dated with their wives.”

The Atlantic City airshow happened Wednesday. Apparently this has been going on for a long time (1910). I assumed it had to do with the FAA Center.

I pedaled my bike around for a while around the town, parts of which look like a conflict zone. I wonder how many traumatized veterans have had to medicate themselves into oblivion in the last 48 hours, as Absecon Island sounds like Kandahar. On the other hand, the cat seemed remarkably unfazed.

There’s something surreal about wandering around Atlantic City’s ghost casinos during a military display. Eight terminal Ponzi schemes with warplanes circling overhead, and Tonald Drumpf’s pawprints on every other building—Atlantic City is a neat metaphor for America 2016, if you were looking for one. That military industrial complex doesn’t finance itself.

Pleasantville’s Nia Ali won the silver medal in the 100-meter hurdles in Rio. Fun fact: She has a 15-month-old (reportedly) son, Titus. “I have a fifteen-month-old and I’m not winning any Olympic medals anytime soon,” the Howler’s colleague said when she was asked if it was sexist to point this out.

I’m just surprised she’s able to run at all with one of those vampires hanging around.

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