Opioids, Beachfront Housing and the City of Tomorrow – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Opioid Treatment
The state Medicaid program removed prior-authorization requirements for “medication-assisted treatment” for opioid addiction, everyone reports. “When someone with an opioid addiction is ready for treatment, we shouldn’t be losing them to care while they wait for approval,” the Human Services Commissioner, Carole Johnson, said.

Longport Tax Cut
Longport, the City of Tomorrow, introduced a municipal budget with a small tax decrease this year, Nanette LoBiondo reports.

As well they should. Having banished all children, and stores, the Longport City Fathers have made the town so appealing to affluent persons no one can afford to live there anymore. Even the beach-house owners have two other beach houses, so you’re lucky if you see them for a weekend or two every year.

In unrelated news, they are accepting bids for beach ice-cream vendors.

Longport municipal budget includes small tax rate decrease

Stockton Dorms
Elsewhere in accommodation, Stockton University is pleased, reportedly, to be offering a unique living experience this summer at its Atlantic City campus, which is also safe and affordable, among other pat adjectives. (We tweeted previously about how they were pitching this to students over in Galloway — just $32 a day!).

No word on whether or not they are also delighted to be offering the living experience(s), but I’m going to go out on a limb and say yes, they probably are, because for some reason public relations people think it’s useful to go around in a perpetual state of delight.

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