Our Crumbling Infrastructure, Undocumented Immigrants Pay Taxes and More – Tuesday’s Roundup!

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Our Crumbling Infrastructure
The White House released its long-awaited infrastructure plan and it looks like we’re not getting that transit hub at Bader Field, or a high-speed Jitney lane to South Street or even a bike path to Pleasantville. The plan from President Trump–who grew up in Queens and became a famous casino mogul in Atlantic City–“favors little-populated rural areas to the detriment of urban America,” Politico reports, citing critics who of course would say that.

The plan is supposed to “stimulate” $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investment but proposes only $200 billion from the federal goverment, relying on, “local governments and private operators to do the heavy lifting, even as those same local governments — particularly in high-tax blue states — are grappling with the budgetary implications of Trump’s tax code changes that took effect last month.”

The Undocumented Pay Taxes
Undocumented immigrants paid $587 million in taxes–sales, income and property–in New Jersey in 2014 according to the nonpartisan think tank the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, the valuable NJ Spotlight reports. The same group said DACA recipients paid about $66 million in state taxes in 2016.

We’re thinking of building a browser extension that automatically changes “nonpartisan” to “deep state” if that makes some readers more comfortable. Supplies are limited! Sign up now to get yours right away.

Sliding Through Life on Charm
Local concert promoter Amanda Thomas has been charged with unlawful taking after she allegedly took $5,000 out of a rival promoter’s bank account without that person’s permission, a move she told the Press of Atlantic City was related to a “computer glitch.”

Thomas, who is 25, created food truck festivals in Wildwood and Ventnor and “worked on the Fall in Love with Wildwood” marketing campaign. In 2016, she was accused of taking money from a memorial fund for an Ocean City school teacher, but those charges were dismissed after she enrolled in a pretrial intervention program, the Press reports.

Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano said he planned to still work with Thomas because apparently she’s the only person who understands Millennials within 500 miles.

Elsewhere across the region:

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