Pay Progress, ‘Down to Margate’ and that ‘Giant Sucking Sound You Hear’ – Tuesday’s Roundup!

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A big day in Trenton yesterday as various committees and legislative bodies etc. advanced bills on paid sick leave, pay equity, gun control and medical marijuana.

The Census Bureau released new statistics and NJ Future put together a helpful chart showing which New Jersey counties gained and lost population between 2016 and 2017. Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland and Salem are among those that lost.

“The giant sucking sound you hear is folks moving out of South Jersey,” Jim Kennedy, on the Twitterbox, says.

Who remembers the first time the phrase “giant sucking sound” was used in a presidential debate?

Nanette LoBiondo’s got a detailed story on the retirement payout being made to the Ventnor Supervisor of Public Works who’s been on the job since 1972, when he made $2.50 an hour. I’m sorry we missed this yesterday.

Nanette also did an interview with a person from Margate who thinks it’s a good idea to SWIM THE ENGLISH CHANNEL. The nerve of these people!

By the way, if you’re from Margate and making the trip “across the pond” this summer, why not visit the original Margate on England’s southeast coast. English people are bonkers as this classic Chas and Dave song inspirationally attests.

Elsewhere in sport, Glory Days profiled its Boys Basketball Player of the Year (he’s from Atlantic High) and Boys Swimmer of the Year (from Mainland!) Congratulations to all who participated. Who knew, when you started out, what heights of excellence you would achieve.

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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