Pipeline Problems, Sick Pay Boat Checks, Oh CRDA – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Pipeline Problems
The perennially problematic pipeline is facing a new challenge in the form of an injunction to stay its construction while the Apellate Division of New Jersey’s Superior Court considers various pending appeals, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Each delay raises the financial costs for the companies involved in the project, which include Atlantic County’s South Jersey Industries. One company, PSE&G, sold its stake in the project March. The completion date for the 100-mile natural gas pipeline was pushed back to the second half of 2018 and further delays look likely.

Brigantine, photo by @michael_danila, editing by @timmcglynn via Instagram.

Sick-Pay Boat Checks
Following up on NJSpotlight’s awesome data journalism that showed which towns in New Jersey are running up the highest liabilities in the form of accumulated sick-pay checks owed to their local employees, NJ.com has this piece polling all the governor candidates on the issue. Most favor some kind of cap for new public employees. Guadagno is in favor of a cap because these liabilities drive up property taxes, while Murphy similarly says he would work for a cap and a deal that is fair and “protects taxpayers”.

Robert Mulcahy, the chairman of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, has received almost $30,000 this year in back pay and compensation for his hard graft sitting at the head of a boardroom table, but he’s not all that happy about it. “Actually, somebody should thank me for doing it for those years for nothing,” Mulcahy told me (Elinor) in an exclusive interview. As one commenter suggested to us, maybe he should ask the CRDA employees he fired earlier this year whether they would like to throw him a party? Or perhaps the $11-an-hour maintenance staff could pool their 28-cent raises for a thank-you gift? Or maybe, just maybe, the Atlantic City fire and police departments could write him a nice thank you note? Especially since the mind-bogglingly undemocratic CRDA board also approved the addition of 15 new class II officers to the tourism district yesterday, (read that story here by the Press of Atlantic City). The board also approved a new master plan (read about that here via The Philadelphia Inquirer), and Mulcahy promised that the rules and ordinances needed to enact that plan will be published before the end of the year.

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In the rest of the news from the last 24 hours, Straub resurfaces and says Revel could open by June 15, here’s a neat story on a Stockton summit addressing the black-male student retention crisis,  and read this analysis of the future of ‘abuse-deterrent opioids’. All that and more below:

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