December 14, 2018

Police, Dancers and Sinatra v. Dino – Friday’s Roundup

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Furry caterpillar (photo by @thenatureguru)

Minority Officers
Joe Atmontavage reports on the lawsuit the Atlantic City Police union, PBA Local 24, filed to halt promotions of officers, which seems on the surface like an odd thing for a union to do, but the union is arguing the promotions would violate the Municipal Stabilization and Recovery Act (aka the state takeover) and don’t follow the Civil Service Act (if I read that right).

In May, when eight Caucasian officers were promoted as captains and deputy chiefs, the union did not object to the process and wrote a letter affirming the “stance of the PBA is to remain neutral and not become involved in a matter which will ultimately pit member against member.”

This time around there are 14 minority officers up for promotions. Also, apart from Chief Henry White, there are no minority officers above the rank of lieutenant. One of the minority candidates (if I’m reading this right) filed a motion saying the union’s turnaround is discriminatory.

There’s a hearing today.

Dancer Lawsuit
Elsewhere in labor, a former dancer at Delilah’s Den is suing the gentlemen’s club saying it unfairly classifies its workers as independent contractors, rather than employees, meaning they work for less than minimum wage, among other outrages.

Sinatra v. Dino
Vincent Jackson at the Press of AC has a profile of Rich Helfant, the CEO of the Lucy the Elephant, who also has a Frank Sinatra room in his house. As a kid, Helfant preferred Dean Martin but then he saw Sinatra in concert and: mind blown.

I was more of a Bogart guy as a kid, but I came around on Dino and Sinatra after reading Jonathan Van Meter’s book on Skinny D’Amato and the 500 Club, The Last Good Time. I don’t really know where I’m going with this.

Anyway, here’s a video of Frank and Dino singing a Christmas song.

In other news, Bart Blatstein paid his taxes. For more feats of journalism…

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