Profits Rise, Everything Else is Falling Apart – Tuesday’s Roundup!

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Today’s big regional headline is a 22.5% increase in gross operating profit by Atlantic City’s casinos, which the A.P. calls “good news for the seaside gambling resort” and a “jackpot” for someone. Could have fooled me! Who are the six people left in Atlantic County who think casino profits still correlate with local happiness/security/contentment?

The valuable NJ Spotlight has a bunch of stories very much worth reading today including this one on the rise in newborns exposed to opioids, or this one on how South Jersey towns get the shite end of the stick in state aid. Isn’t the NJ Dem political machine headquartered down here? Who are they looking out for?

Elsewhere in Steve Sweeney news, Will Cunningham–who is one of the three very compelling Ds who were challenging Jeff Van Drew in the primary–suggested Sweeney was maneuvering to help Van Drew out by holding off a vote on gun control until after the primaries. Read today’s Playbook for analysis.

Elsewhere in Steve Sweeney news, FERC, the energy regulator, says a PSE&G subsidiary made false statements when bidding in power auctions over a nine-year period. PSE&G wants $300 million? $3 billion? in subsidies and the Senate President really wants to give it to them.

Pay for News!

Founding Fishies
Shad season is upon us! Pay homage to the “founding fish” at ShadFest in Lambertville. But first read about it here. Maybe this’s the year I finally get some shad roe.

Lastly, there’s been a management and staffing shakeup at the Pic-a-Lilli, the beloved cinderblock box on Tennessee Ave that cranks out amazing chicken wings and associated wing-type products. Sorry to see you guys go. They better not F*&% that place up.

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