Property Taxes, New Drug-Detox Clinic – Friday’s Roundup

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Property Taxes
NJSpotlight has another fantastic interactive map on their site today that compares property tax bills across the state. The map is fascinating since it compares the average property tax bill by municipality, not the actual tax rate. By average tax bill, Atlantic City looks pretty reasonable compared with Linwood, Northfield, Longport and Margate. But as we all know around here, Atlantic City’s tax rate is through the roof ($3.859 per $100 of taxable assessed value, according to this Department of Community Affairs (DCA) data from 2016). Perhaps more surprisingly, though, if you look at the raw data here on the DCA site, Mullica Township and Egg Harbor City’s tax rates are even higher (at $4.533 and $4.41). Why? Their school tax rate is much higher. Where has the lowest tax rate but the highest average tax bill? Longport – probably no surprises there. Anyway, it’s really worth taking a look at the raw numbers, we’ve been geeking out over them all morning.

New Drug-Detox Clinic
Local conglomerate Ole Hansen & Co is taking a step further into the drug and alcohol abuse treatment business with plans for a detox clinic in Atlantic City. We wrote about the plans here yesterday after the company presented to the zoning board. The clinic will be out past Bader Field on Route 40, where Ole Hansen & Co used to run a successful bus-parking business. It’s a good location for a detox clinic in a lot of ways since it’s isolated and far from residential areas (and as the zoning board agreed, there’s a clear need for the services) But it’s also a pretty chilling statement on local affairs, that this is where smart business people are now putting their money… On the same topic today, NJ Spotlight has a story scrutinizing Gov. Christie’s plans for drug-abuse treatment and how they will work in practice.

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The rest of today’s headlines include stories on the Kim Guadagno’s policy platform for the governor race, a new look at lead-contaminated water in schools, Atlantic County freeholder John Carman’s (late) apology for his Facebook meme, and (another) new building at Rowan University. All that below:

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