Prosecutors, Courts, Layoffs – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Prosecutor Problems
The Press of AC and Breaking AC have stories on Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner, specifically that three employees (one current, two former) have accused Tyner of futzing with evidence in the April Kauffman murder case, hiring unqualified relatives and committing mortgage fraud.

They also question Tyner’s appearance on 20/20 in the middle of the Kauffman case, saying the “unethical media contact” was “to further his other political career-oriented aspirations at the risk of damaging the ongoing criminal investigation and prosecution of criminal defendants in the Kauffman murder trial.”

Tyner said the allegations were “personnel issues with disgruntled former employees and current employee.”

Seaview Layoffs
Seaview gave notice it was laying off 229 workers in Galloway, effective Nov. 26. A spokesperson said these are temporary layoffs while the building is refitted. The hotel and golf club was sold, reportedly, this summer for $21.7 million, but Elinor, who checks these things, says the sale hasn’t closed yet per the county property-records website.

Muni Courts
There’s a bill to revamp our muni courts, which turned into profit centers in many of the, what, 565 municipalities across New Jersey in the last howevermany years, according to a report from the Supreme Court Commission in June.

Anyway the bill, from Declan O’Scanlon, contains “three measures designed to keep financial incentives out of municipal courts,” per the valuable Spotlight.

For more feats of journalism from across South Jersey, see below:

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