January 25, 2016

Chris Christie Rejects Your Reality and Substitutes His Own, and more in today’s Roundup

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Storm Coverage!
If you need me to tell you there was a huge storm over the weekend, I assume you’re trapped in a well, yet still have internet access. In that case, call a first responder.

But speaking of persons trapped in wells, here’s video of Chris Christie seemingly saying there’s “no residual damage. There is no residual flooding damage” in New Jersey on cable TV. I’m sure he didn’t mean it.

Friendly reminder: If you’re a first responder in South Jersey, there’s a good chance Christie would like to regionalize or privatize your job.

BTW, I’m in Mexico City and I watched a kid I went to high school with’s house destroyed, with about a three-hour tape delay.

From the indefatigable Amy Rosenberg, who is not in Mexico: “Christie should come down here and get in his fishing waders and live my life.

By the way, remember this? I’m sure these funds wouldn’t have come in handy anyway.

By the way the Governor also blamed opposition to dunes for the (apparently nonexistent) damage, when he was shown flood water pouring in to a Margate City street, via the bay.

The indefatigable Kevin Riordan of the Philly Inquirer has a nice interview with Gwendolyn Faison, who was mayor of Camden when it was taken over by the state, on what advice she’d have for Don Guardian, who’s likely to be mayor of Atlantic City when it’s taken over by the state. “They’ll come in, like a bunch of robots.”

Glenn Straub’s yacht broke loose during the storm, during which there was no residual damage, the A.C. Press’s Reuben Kramer reports.

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