January 29, 2016

A Bird of Bad Moral Character and Our Cloverfield Monster Governor, in Today’s Roundup

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The tireless Reuben Kramer (Press of A.C.) reports Caesar’s is looking to hire 330-plus workers, and maybe another 120 temporary workers. Get on it. I’m told it’s a growth industry.

Verizon Chronicles
Remember the coalition of 16 South Jersey towns who complained to Verizon about their terrible copper landlines? They (some of them anyway) are offended as hell by Verizon’s response, which came in the form of a letter to the BPU, NJ.com’s Spencer Kent reports.

“They continue to treat South Jersey like a bunch of country bumpkins.”

Chris Christie has ordered the chairman of the Pinelands Commission be replaced, The Burlington County Times reports. No one knows for sure why, and the governor’s spokesman responded to requests for comment with a suspiciously casual “Nothing to see here – Please move along” (I’m paraphrasing, but read the quote), but Philly.com notes the new chairman, Sean Earlen, “voted to allow South Jersey Gas to build a pipeline through the protected Pinelands forest” in 2014, so it’s probably not a good sign if you like pine trees. Or the Cohansey Aquifer.

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance says, “There must be a reason for this – and that concerns us.” While the head of the N.J. Sierra Club says the move is retribution against Mark Lohbauer, the deposed commissioner, for his impertinence independence during his tenure.

If Christie hasn’t persuaded South Jersey residents he’s the Cloverfield monster of governors this week, maybe he will next week when he orders Lucy the Elephant to be ritually fileted and barbequed in obeisance to the dark lord Baphomet, at whose bidding Christie serves.

I’ve had too much cough medicine.

If you’re a corporation and you earn money in New Jersey you should have to pay taxes on it in New Jersey, rather than shifting profits to a state with a lower rate. Seem reasonable enough? Apparently it’s not the case and it costs the state $200 million, conservatively. Read this NJSpotlight piece about efforts to close the loophole.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office sent out an announcement warning citizens of a scam where con-artists call people on the phone and tell them they’ve missed jury duty. Then they try shake them down for cash, saying they’ll be arrested otherwise. “The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office does not conduct business in this way.” Don “the E Train” Woods reports for NJ.com.

Question of the Day:
How long will this giant snow pile last?” posed by Cat Country’s Chris Coleman, of this icy mound at the Hamilton Mall.

NJ Monthly tells the heartwarming tale of our state’s rebounding bald eagle population. Apparently that story about Ben Franklin’s wanting the turkey to be the national bird is “completely false” though he did say he wished the eagle had not been chosen.

“He is a Bird of bad moral Character. He does not get his Living honestly,” Franklin wrote, of the eagle.

Bear those words in mind when you read the story.

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