Russian Invasion Pizza – Friday’s Roundup

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Russian Invasion
Lynda Cohen has the fun details on what happens when 300 Russians get stuck at the airport after their plane is forced to land in Atlantic City on the way to Cuba. Spoiler: A translator from Stockton helps write thank you notes!

Election Spending
Matt Friedman reports that New Jersey Republicans seeking reelection to the House of Representatives (the one in D.C.) have been out-fundraised by at least one Democrat in each of the three districts where they’re running, citing the latest reports from the Federal Election Commission. But how much fundraising happens that’s doesn’t show up in those FEC reports, you ask? I have no idea, I respond. What are you anyway, a lawyer?

Friedman says “most of the money likely won’t be directed at the Republican incumbent” because there are primaries in the way. And anyway the Koch brothers are just getting started.

Beach Access
The intrepid Wayne Parry goes looking for the historical roots of a new bill to guarantee beach access to locals in stowns where there’s a long history of “trying to keep outsiders off their beaches.”

This isn’t a huge problem down here–though it’s not hard to imagine it could become one in some municipalities (*looks at Longport*)–but it’s not every day you get to watch Parry write about the Roman Emperor Justinian, and the ancient idea that our “bays and rivers are held in a trust for the public, which has the right to swim in them, or sit or walk along their shores.”

In fact, I think Emperor Justinian sponsored a version of this bill that passed but then Christie pocket-vetoed it.

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