September 23, 2016


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Construction has begun in earnest on the Atlantic City Gateway project–the much anticipated site of a satellite campus for Stockton University and future headquarters for South Jersey Gas, as well as parking. Because what would an Atlantic City development project be without a parking lot?

Backhoes or diggers or somethings had made a little perfunctory scratch on the big vacant lot at the foot of Albany Avenue and the boardwalk earlier this summer, but then they went back into hibernation. Now they’re awake again and building sandcastles. p1090984

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority earlier this week was set to issue $128 million in municipal bonds to finance the project, which is eventually supposed to house a couple of hundred students in the most ethnically diverse census district in the state (and the birthplace of yours truly).

In the meantime, new construction in Atlantic City. Sounds like a party to me.




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